THT & Odd form

smartTec is your natural partner for through hole and odd form projects. We have a long and close relationship with Universal Instruments which is the base for our ability to deliver the best solution for your project. In addition, we offer project management, line integrations, training, installation and customized solution. 

Universal Fuzion

The fastest and most versatile high-speed automation platform, FuzionOF handles a diverse range of pin-in-paste odd-form, surface mount odd-form, standard surface mount, and semiconductor applications at SM speeds.

Universal Automation

Universal Instrumemt's Polaris and Uflex automates a variety of processes, including pick and place for large and complex devices, dispensing, bar code reading, vision, screw driving, and labeling.

Universal TH

The Radial 88HT radial component sequencer and inserter automates the insertion of tape-packaged radial components faster and more reliably than manual processes. Radial 88HT handles a wide range of components with several multi-span configurations.

Nordson SELECT

Wave soldering is often a natural part of an odd form or TH assembly line. Kirsten modula wave is the perfect partner for TH soldering with their jet wave technology and dedicated support.