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We help electronics manufacturers increase profitability with fluid dispensing solutions engineered for the most demanding production environments. Our application center SCCE in Rodgau are equipped with manufacturing systems from our sales program.
To relieve your production facility, we are pleased to offer you our support:

  • Selective coating of sample types and small batches
  • Evaluation of paints and dispensing media
  • Program creation and library maintenance for pick-n-place
  • Reflow & vapor phase soldering application
  • Selective soldering application
  • Optical inspection of small batches
  • Assembly and template cleaning

Of course, we are also happy to assist you in your assembly production with words and deeds.
Use our Know-How!


Exelsius Genius
An innovative, 3D self-programming and robust solution for selective surface activation by atmospheric pressure plasma.Genius will improve the wettability of the product’s surface to be coated and the adhesion of the protective coating.


Techcon offers the industry’s superior automated dispensing systems (robots) and top-quality fluid application components:
Dispensing Robots, Valves,Fluid Dispensers, Dispensing Tips, Syringe Barrels, and Cartridges and Nozzles. All components are compatible with our systems and designed for precision.

ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones manufacture silicone in many forms, RTV adhesive, sealant, moulding rubber, gels and fluids. 
Experienced sales & technical teams will help with product selection, lab testing, trials, qualifications and application methods.

DL Technology

DL Technology develops customized dispensing needles and valves for the electronics assembly, industrial assembly, semiconductor packaging and medical industries.
More than sixty combined years of experience in dispensing technology.