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Introducing ALPHA®HiTech™ series of SMD Adhesives
The Adhesives are one component, intermediate temperature, fast heat curable surface mount products. They are designed to hold chip components during the wave soldering process. Each product is formulated to optimally be used for dispensing or printing applications.
ALPHA®HiTech™ SM42- 1311 has excellent dispensing property.
ALPHA®HiTech™ SM42-120P is the product of choice for excellent printing performances.

• Specially formulated Thixotropic Index (TI) for optimal dispensing and printing
• Excellent Non-Sagging property, defined by Width/Height Ratio, for good contact
with base of chip components during placement process
• Excellent Thermal Resistance enables it to hold the component and keep it from
dropping during wave soldering process
• Excellent Adhesion property on FR4, Flexible Polyimide and Chip components
• Halogen Free

For further information please contact smartTec Sales or klick this link.

Cleaning University - WEBINARS AUTUMN 2020

All you need to know for excellent cleaning results
As usuall smartTec and Pbt will be doing Webinars during
this Autumn. 
The schedule you can find below.
The Webinar will be held in English by Mr. Vladimir Sitko from Pbt Works- each presentation takes about 1hr.

Tuesday September 15, 2020       Webinar   6.1  Process building                                                           and optimization – common challenges in washing
Tuesday September 29, 2020       Webinar   6.2  Process building and optimization – common                                                           challenges in rinsing + drying
​​​​​​​Tuesday October 20, 2020            Webinar   7.    Design for cleaning
​​​​​​​Tuesday November 10, 2020        Webinar   8.    Basics of stencil cleaning
​​​​​​​Tuesday December 1, 2020          Webinar   9.    Basics for maintenance cleaning

If you would attend pls send a mail to us, klick on the button!


ALPHA® CUT HR2 Stencils are the new improved printing performance,  laser cut stencil from MacDermid Alpha.

ALPHA® CUT HR2 Stencils retain the best-in-class shape, positional accuracy and wall quality associated with the standard ALPHA® Cut material, with the added benefits of improved print definition and reduced variation in the solder paste deposit. The stencils are designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate stencil printing performance for most surface mount requirements, particularly when used in conjunction with ALPHA® Solder Pastes or ALPHA® HiTech SMD Adhesives.

The stencils are manufactured using a CAD/CAM driven high precision XY-laser cutting process.
What’s better: 

  • Improved volume repeatability*
  • Increased print yields*
  • Improved solder paste transfer efficiency* 
  • Improved print definition*
  • Smoother walls*
  • Drop in compatibility

Available in common formats such as ALPHA® Tetrabond, Vector Guard and meshed frame stencils.

Compared to current standard ALPHA® CUT stencil material
What you get as standard:

  • Best-in-Class positional accuracy proven in process capability studies
  • Best-in-Class aperture tolerance
  • Maximised paste transfer efficiency for optimum paste deposit repeatability and minimal under stencil wiping.
  • Framed or frameless foils to suit all printers and formats
  • Stepped area(s) for optimized paste volume deposition
  • Ultra-fine pitch capability
  • Range of stainless steel thicknesses 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mil (80, 100, 120, 130, 150, 180, 200 and 250 µm) with stepped area(s) for optimized paste volume deposition.

We proudly present the Nordson DAGE X-ray systems

For many years, Nordson Corporation and smartTec GmbH have combined a very successful, sustainable partnership. From 01.04.2019, this cooperation will be further intensified. In addition to the Nordson Asymtek (Conformal Coating, Dispensing) and Nordson Select (Selectiv Soldering) product lines, the system supplier from Rodgau will now also become the exclusive partner for Nordson Dage (X-Ray Inspection) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

SMT Connect NEWS in smartTec GmbH booth 4:101, 7-9 May 2019

News from Nordson SELECT

We will show the Nordson SELECT Integra® 508.3PD 2seg selective soldering system integrated in-line with automatic load/un-load modules and a through-hole pick-and-place insertion module with the entire process equipped with RFID technology for continuous tracking.

Also on display will be the Novo® 300, an entry level selective soldering platform with a compact footprint requiring less than 1.1 square meters of factory floor space.  The Novo® 300 is a standalone platform that is ideally suited for prototype, cell manufacturing or small batch production.
For more reading, click.

Smart Automation with smartControl dynamic

From our own R&D department we will show The smartControl concept offers an intelligent combination of software and hardware for the automation of assembly manufacturing. The hardware consists of a smartRead module for reading and writing using RFID technology as well as smartTouch interfaces for operation, input and visualization. In addition there are intelligent transport modules with integrated communication interfaces under the name smart.e.connect.
For more reading, click

Kyzen to launch A4727

Welcome A4727 to the AQUANOX Family!

AQUANOX A4727, introduced for the first time at the 2019 IPC APEX EXPO, is the result of thousands of hours of laboratory tests and “live” beta site testing scientifically validating the outstanding:

extended TANK LIFE and consistently reliable 
long-term PERFORMANCE advantages 

This stable chemistry is excellent on a wide variety of components, coating, labels and equipment.

AQUANOX A4727 is engineered to be effective, stable and predictable, all day, every day. It is designed for reliable production and assembly operations. Meet your performance cleaning requirements with advanced technology that gives a stable pH and predictable compatibility throughout its long bath life.
Environmentally responsible, AQUANOX A4727 is non-hazardous and biodegradable. It contains no CFCs or HAPs and can be used at low concentrations to effectively remove even the toughest soils, and rinse easily and completely. This easy to control and cost-effective solution is a good choice for both in-line and batch cleaning systems.

NASHVILLE — January 2019 — KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, was awarded a 2019 NPI Award in the category of Cleaning Materials for its brand new AQUANOX A4727. The award was presented to Tom Forsythe, Executive VP, during a Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019 ceremony that took place at the San Diego Convention Center during the IPC APEX EXPO. KYZEN has been recognized with more than 60 industry awards, largely for its AQUANOX line.

Welcome Christian to the
smartTec Team!

smartTec increases and we are proud to present our latest member to our team. Christian are wellknown in the bransch and he starts Feb 1:st. We welcome You Christian to the Nordic sales-team.

Let us present Christian with his own words:

"I am 53 years old. Born in the northern part of Denmark.
Living with my wife in Aalborg.
I have worked for the last 21 years in companies such as HIN, Cyncrona, Interflux, which service the electronic industry in Denmark. I see my work as a positive part of my future network when it comes to new customers, and existing clients to smartTec.

I have been employed at HYTEK as a consultant, where the majority of the courses are courses in IPC with associated certifications, Production engineering courses. Especially company-oriented courses and courses in the AMU section (Vocational training programs). 
In AMU where it has been more like practical courses.

I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues with a great look for new business.

Hope to be in touch with you all soon!"

News from 2018

Welcome Andreas to the smarTec Team!

Our newest member started today June 1:st and we welcome You Andreas to the Nordic sales-team.
Andreas will take the responsible of machine sales in our territory of Norway and Sweden and he will soon be on the road.

Let us present Andreas with his own words:
"I`m 31 year old. Born and raised on the "Norwegian riviera" in Arendal. As being raised in Norways recreational boating capital, my interest for boating and boat races quickly solidified. The EMS-inustry sector is something I stumbled upon at the age of 20, the fascination for machines and the technology triggered my curiosity. I have been in the electronic industry working as an Production Process Engineer since then with exception of 2 years, with working at several Offshore installations.
Now I am trying something new, the sales of production equipments.

I`m looking forward with great joy to meet new people, factories and to travel.
Kindest regards and see you out there!"

Techcon new ROBOTS

— April 2018 — Techcon is pleased to introduce the TSR2000 Series Smart Dispensing Robots. 
The system is designed specifically for precise fluid dispensing applications and is compatible with all valve types and controllers. The user-friendly, smart PC based software makes the robot easy to program and simple to operate.
The basic Dispensing Robot series are available in three platforms.
Take a closer look or contact our Sales staff for further information.

The new wave of cleaning

PBT machines are designed as high-performance cleaning devices to cover all possible cleaning tasks in surface mount technology and thus fill one of the leading market positions in this field.

Beside the standard machine models, PBT offer individual approach and effective customizing whenever necessary. With 25 year tradition PBT has a lot of experience in this field. 

HyperSWASH from Pbt Works will give you more!

All new 2 - 1 automatic cleaning machine with absolute performance

It´s a new revolutionary multiple platform configuration, with
extra ordinary features as:

  • Flexibility meets capacity
  • Power meets control

Technology that matters

For further info , press this link or contact our sales staff.


Lead-Free, Non-Eutectic, Low Temperature Solder Paste

ALPHA® OM-550 is a new low temperature chemistry paired with ALPHA´s HRL1 alloy. This alloy was designed to exhibit improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low temperature alloys. Together, the flux and alloy blend makes a product that has the characteristics of a modern solder paste designed to minimizing NWO and HIP defects in complex assemblies.
Provides efficiencies in both energy and cost. Reflowed in air and with nitrogen. Improves BGA mechanical reliability compared to other low-temp alloys.

Assembly processes that can gain from ALPHA® OM-550 Solder Paste are:

  • Assemblies with fine features
  • Assemblies sensitive to component warpage
  • Excellent NWO and HIP performance
  • Good voiding performance
  • Pin testable
  • Zero Halogen
  • Low peak temperature ~175°C

Samples and other information pls contact our staff.


Lead-Free, Zero-Halogen Solder Paste for Ultra-Fine Feature Applications

ALPHA® OM-353 is designed to meet market segments requiring ultra-fine feature applications. It has been tested to give excellent printing performance down to 180μm pad size.
Assembly processes that can gain from ALPHA® OM-353 Solder Paste are:

  • Assemblies with fine features
  • Assemblies sensitive to component warpage
  • Processes that currently require cleaning
  • Components sensitive to flux wicking
  • Assemblies which do not require SAC305

Samples and other information pls contact our staff.

Sales Pro Wanted!

We are in the lucky position that we need to expand our sales force

with an well experied person for the sales of electronic production

equipment range. The salesarea are for Norway and Sweden.



  • Are you a hot shot sales person located and speaking Swedish and wants to travel?
  • Hungry to find business and promote industry top product brands?
  • Do you have experience from electronic production line set-up, service and support?

If you've answered YES to these simple questions then we want to hear from you!!

APRIL UPDATE- This position are now finalized and we will preset our new member shortly.



Alpha Soldering Materials

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will be exhibiting its latest range of product solutions, alongside its sister company MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions. For more information on Alpha’s latest product technologies visit Alpha Assembly Solutions Booth at productronica Hall B3 Booth #272.
Our staff att smartTec will be present to help you out.

Pbt News

Our partner Pbt Works will show a brand new model.
In just a few days a revolutionary way of cleaning will be launched.
Don't miss it and come to Productronica - booth A4/129

We will present it more in detail the week after the show

Metcal News

Metcal Product Line will be at Hall A2, Stand 135, Nov. 14 – 17, 2017 at the Messe München in Germany.  We'll be showing the brand new Connection Validation (CV) Selective Soldering System at the show for the first time, along with a range of our new soldering tools.

See link for the whole lineup!

Nordson SELECT News

Nordson SELECT Appoints smartTec GmbH as European Distributor for Entire Selective Soldering Product Line.
smartTec proudly serves customers throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
The complete line will we shown in booth: A2.345
More info about the agreement on this link

Universal Instruments News

Universal Instruments invites show attendees to “Shift their manufacturing into high gear” at the Productronica trade show in Messe München, Germany, on November 14–17. On Hall A2 Booth 433, the company will showcase its Uflex™ flexible automation platform and FuzionSC™ advanced semiconductor packaging platform,
both of which deliver exceptional performance for a variety of
automotive electronics assembly processes.

R&D Vaportech News

A new designed inline Vapor Phase soldermachine called Smartphase Inline will be shown in our smartTech booth A2.339.
Meet our engineers and salestaff to discuss
this new feature of machine.

Inspectis HD/UHD Digital Inspection Systems, designed and manufactured in Sweden

The systems are elegant solutions for modern optical inspection tasks that are ready to use from the moment you plug them in.

A variety of different setups and accessories designed according to industry standards.

Read article »

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is introducing its new lead-free, no clean solder paste technologies.

Read article »

ALPHA® tensoRED™ Master Tensioning Frame is the latest development in Alpha’s stencil range of state-of-the-art printing stencils. ALPHA® tensoRED™ has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of stencils compared to other systems by creating tension without the need of air pressure being applied to the frame.

Read article »

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