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Hyperclean ® 

High performance stencil cleaning roll without paying more

Can you afford just one partial or totally blocked stencil aperture? By chosing Hyperclean® SMT stencil cleaning roll, your process will be optimized and cost lowered.

Hyperclean® is developed for SMT under stencil cleaning in every detail. Many rolls on the market are simply a standard cellulose wipe cloth offered as USC rolls.

Hyperclean® is available for all major SMT screen printers: DEK, MPM, EKRA, Yamaha, Panasonic, Fuji, Samsung, Minami, Speedprint, SJ Innotech. Custom models can be made.

New model - PX3800

The new PX3800 fabric in Hyperclean® is an advanced 100% polypropylene semi-isotropic fabric, developed by SMT Express using advanced materials and ground breaking research. The PX3800 fabric combines high air permeablity (vacuum performance) with an unique ability to capture solder particles and flux inside the fabric, preventing contaminations to smear to out on the stencil or to reach the printer's vaccum system. The result is both better stencil cleaning and less machine maintenance.

Hyperclean ® is a registred trademark

Hyperclean® PX3800 stencil rolls