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X-TremeSeries  MSD-units

Patented Dissicant Drying System – Ultra Fast – Ultra Space

The X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets are suitable for almost all de-humidification applications. This is the best looking and most controllable low humidity dry storage cabinet available anywhere.
The Patented Dessicant Drying System offering down to 1% Relative Humidity storage, ultra-fast de-humidification rate, is the ultimate cabinet for keeping your sensitive products in perfect condition.

  • Touch Screen Control Panel – user friendly and easy access to all user settings and system information.
  • Datalogger & Curve Plotting – built in shows all recorded data sequentially in curve plotting and the Relative Humidity provides information of last memory records at a glance.
  • Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate – is unique and its Stylish Looking make X-Treme Series perfect even for hard-to-please users.
  • Patented Dryer Technology offers Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate ~10 min and compensates door openings.
  • High capacity dehumidification but low energy consumption.
  • Confident for even hardest ambient and operating conditions.
  • Silent Operation – are among the most silent on the market.


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