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pbt Works

Accurate Stencil Printing Machines

Pbt Works are more known for the remarkable well designed cleaning machines, but since 1995 they also manufacture a second program, design and production of off-line paste printers for SMT application.

The program concist of manual and semi-automatic printers mainly due to unique stencil-to-board alignment technology as well as stabil and reproducible printing process.


  • 1992 - First manual printer
  • 1995 - Printing machine UNIPRINT with guided squeegee
  • 1997 - Motorized printing machine MOTOPRINT
  • 1999 - Motorized printing machine MOTOPRINT with camera guided alignment

Special features of the machines

  • Ridgid and compact Machine Body
  • Printing under cameras
  • Smooth Stencil Separatation
  • Precise fit of movable parts
Go29 Stand Alone Printer

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