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The IBL range range are only available for the Swedish and Norwegian market, pls contact our sales staff for further details.

Vapor phase soldering technology

Are solder joint defects or changeover times impacting your throughput? Vapor phase soldering technology may be the answer.

IBL patented Intelligent Profiling System (IPS) technology provides total process control, supporting a wide range of temperature controlled soldering profiles. Lead-free and leaded soldering can be supported with the same fluid, realizing different maximum temperatures for the assembly.

IBL offers a full range of vapor phase soldering equipment - from lab benchtop units to high capacity in-line machines.

IBL's and smartTec's wealth of soldering experience and innovative process developments makes us your reliable partner for your soldering process. 

30 Years IBL - Passion for vapor phase soldering!

Need any support or having interest in Vapor Phase Soldering- pls contact our sales staff

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