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ALPHA tensoRED™ Stencil

ALPHA® tensoRED™ Master Tensioning Frame is the latest development in Alpha’s stencil range of state-of-the-art printing stencils. ALPHA® tensoRED™ has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of stencils compared to other systems by creating tension without the need of air pressure being applied to the frame.

ALPHA® Stencil products are based on unique blends of advanced technology, the experience gained from having made over half a million solder paste stencils, the specialist knowledge that could only be accumulated by a company privileged to produce both solder pastes and printing stencils, all combined with a genuine will to meet your most stringent delivery expectations.
Due to its innovative design, ALPHA® tensoRED™ enables a higher and more even tension, compared to ALPHA® Tetra Frames, without the need of air pressure being applied to the frame. This results in reduced maintenance costs and improved reliability.
What you get:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved manual handling for operators
  • More even tension* resulting in less paste smearing
  • Reduced variation in volume deposits*
  • Improved positional alignment on volume deposits*
  • No need to replace your ALPHA® Tetrabond foils
*compared to foil mounted in ALPHA® Tetra master frame during standard print trial testing

Special offer!
As a very special offer we have the NEW mechanical loading station available for loading our new tensoRED frames to an ultra high foil tension of 53Ncm (Mesh 40/150 µ stencil).

  • Evenly four side tension transfer.
  • Quick loading of stencil less than 30 sec.

Our offer consist of supplying loading station for free if purchasing stencils from us.
More input on the new stencil, click here.
Contact us  for a demonstration.